"Some people come to a fork in the road that changes their life path. I found a dove by the side of the road and a life changing path found me."

— Michele Raffin CEO, Pandemonium Aviaries


Our History - from Rescue to Species Bank


Pandemonium Aviaries was started in 1996 after a chance encounter with a hurt bird. It quickly evolved into a last-chance bird sanctuary for exotic birds that were being discarded by breeders.

We no longer accept new rescue birds, however we continue to provide life-long support for all of the birds which we took in. Over the last 20 years we have cared for and protected hundreds of birds. Read more about our rescue efforts.

Species Bank

In 2009, we founded a species bank to protect at-risk bird species that were important and not being adequately protected. We now have some of the world's largest captive flocks, and raise them in such a way that they could be returned to the wild when it is safe to do so.


Our Story


Thinking outside the Cage

Seed banks protect against the loss of seed bio-diversity. We asked ourselves, why not do the same for animal species?

So that's what we've done. We started with a few important bird species and over time added more.

The reason we are saving bird species today is to ensure a future in which bird song is not limited to recordings, and we continue to have forests because there are birds flying free to pollinate them.