A Word from Michele

Dear Friends, Birds are not the only things flying at Pandemonium Aviaries. Time also has wings. It seems as if one moment I am worrying about winter rains and the next I’m turning on cooling sprinklers.

Summer is truly a wonderful time to live with birds. Many of them are busy building nests. Thanks to a generous donation we were able to build a new, sunlit for  our Mustache parrots. Within weeks they were in the nest box, starting their first family. Other birds need new homes. Please consider sponsoring an aviary for a year or building a new one that will be given the name of your choice.

The warm weather, long days and baby birds have brought a wonderful glowing energy to our facility. There is an equally life affirming aura inside the house. This year we have a bumper crop of 8 amazing interns!. They are energetic, optimistic and incredibly talented. Read about their backgrounds and projects in “Meet the Flock of Interns.”

We have a broad range of sanctuary programs. Some, such as a collaboration with the California Academy of Science to identify viruses in New Guinea birds, have a global focus.  Others are inner directed such as our doing clicker training with exotic birds.

Please support our work. You can make a donation by check or by using the Donate tab on our website www.PandemoniumAviaries.org. If you want to honor or commemorate someone, let us know. We’ll tie a commemorative ribbon and raffia on an aviary for the birds to use in their nests.

May this summer bring you lasting joy,

Michele Raffin