Green-naped pheasant pigeon

Best Birding Destination

Ever wonder what’s the best birding destination?  Well wonder no more.  In 2013 held the World Birding Destination Cup, a series of polls to determine the best birding destinations.  Coming in on top were Kenya and New Guinea.  According to Gunnar Engblom, founder of, Kenya (which was ranked first) is a destination “where it is easiest to SEE a lot of birds in a very short [time]”.  While the diversity of species seems to have been the criteria that pushed Kenya to the top of the list, Gunnar points out that the reasons birders consider a destination as the “best” varies.  Other reasons include how exotic the species are and how safe and accessible a destination is.  Regardless of the criteria, we were happy to see that New Guinea (the home of three of our target species - the Blue Crowned pigeon, the Victoria Crowned pigeon, and the Green-naped pheasant pigeon) made the top of the list.  We’re hopeful that the more people see these amazing birds in their natural habitat, the more inspired they’ll be to help save them.

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