Cast of Characters from The Birds of Pandemonium: Life Among the Exotic and Endangered

Amigo - Red-headed amazon

Disgruntled, grumpy old bird. Finds it hilarious to bite Michele, especially if someone is watching. Laughs out loud when she yells “ouch.” Is very particular about who he likes. Pretty young girls are his favorite, although he did fall in love with Mia Bird when she first came to live with us and was somewhat naked from picking her feathers. When the feathers re-grew, he lost interest.

Tico - Blue and Gold macaw

Started off with a macho and “attack bird” attitude, probably because he was scared. Once he realized that he was in a new home, he immediately took charge. Very, very smart. Loves to entertain by dancing. Can pick just about any lock. Is a trickster and plays practical jokes by switching birds between aviaries. Became a sweet heart once he realized Michele wasn’t going to abandon him. Would dance with her, his body hugged to her chest, his head resting under her chin. Then he dumped Michele for  Miele, a gorgeous Catalina macaw.

Miele - Catalina macaw

Lived with one family since she was a baby. Very sweet, not very smart. Only knows a few words such as Kiss. Kiss (she does an air kiss with this). Views herself as a beauty queen whose only job is to look gorgeous. Doesn’t know any tricks. Easy bird to keep because when Michele is gone she doesn’t resent it like the other birds and doesn’t give Michele a hard time. She is so self absorbed, she probably didn’t realize Michele was gone.

Shana - Yellow headed amazon

Diva! Can sing opera and has an amazing range of whistles. She likes to challenge visitors to a whistling contest in which a human reproduces Shana’s whistles. She makes them more and more complicated until the human can’t follow her. Then she does a victory dance. Shana does not bond easily and was very depressed to loose her human family after 22 years of living with them. Once she  bonded with Michele, she decided Michele's name was Pretty Mama. 

Amadeus - Lady Ross turaco

He has the demeanor of James Bond: elegant, confident, ladies man. Prior to coming to Pandemonium, Amadeus lost a leg because he was attacked by a hornbill. Was very quiet when housed with other birds. Once he was in a protected area, his true personality came out: very interested in what is going on around him, greets everyone  with a “Who Who.” 

He fell in love with an extremely shy and fearful turaco named Kenya. He takes blueberries from us and then feeds them to Kenya.

Coffee & Wing - Victoria Crown pigeons

Coffee acts like a lap dog. Wants to be a house pet and follow us around. Loves to have his feathers ruffled and to be hand fed. Wing, his half sister broke her wing when she was very young due to a fall from a feeding table. She is not particularly fond of people, but she loves Coffee as well as her new mate, a young handsome male Victoria Crown pigeon.