Avian Recovery for Conservation (ARC)

Pandemonium's Avian Recovery for Conservation (ARC) Program is an innovative and forward thinking initiative dedicated to saving endangered birds and the rapidly disappearing knowledge necessary to sustain avian lives.

We use established and proven conservation methods in a creative manner focusing on exotic birds currently in the United States. Our role is to preserve the birds, the knowledge and the art of bird keeping.

At the cornerstone of ARC are partnerships with conservation groups who are experts in habitat protection, species reintroduction and avian health. We will protect birds and knowledge until it is safe to return them to the wild. At that point we will place the birds with our conservation partners since they have the expertise to complete the conservation program.

ARC is a long term program which will require additional sites, interested bird keeper/partners, and widespread support. Pandemonium is poised for an immediate start once the funds are raised.

We can’t wait. The flocks and the knowledgeable ‘old time’ bird keepers are aging. The window of opportunity is shrinking.

Please contact info@PandemoniumAviaries.org if you can help.