Target Species:

Pandemonium Aviaries has selected six species of birds to breed.  These birds come from New Guinea and the Philippines.  

Why These Birds?

  • The birds selected for conservation breeding are already in the United States.
  • They are important flagship species.
  • Pandemonium Aviaries has expertise in them.
  • There is enough genetic diversity so we have a chance of breeding a healthy population to return to the wild when it is safe to do so.

Why Not Save Them In-country?

Conservation of species is best done in their country of origin.  Unfortunately, it's too difficult to do it in New Guinea.  There are many barriers including tribal warfare, difficult terrain, an unreceptive culture, serious diseases, and no land rights which prevent the saving of most animals on site at this time.  Although the Crowned pigeons have been designated by the Indonesian government as needing protection the sad truth is that none is being offered. If these species are to be saved it will have to be out of country for now.