People, Places and Things

Organizations and General Information

American Bird Conservancy: Bird conservation

Arndt-Verlag: Parrot-related publisher

Audubon Society's Guide to Backyard Bird Interaction: Wild bird interaction

AvianWeb: A good resource for health information, as well as general care, breeding and bird safety.

Aviculture Society of America: Bird conservation

Birds'n'ways:  Exotic bird website aggregation

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators: A resource for bird owners and trainers

Lady Gouldian Finch: Information and supplies for bird owners

Orinthology.com: Bird conservation organization list

Parrots.org: All About Parrots

PetEducation.com: Avian Respiration

PetEducation.com: Anatomy, diseases and healthcare

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley: For injured wildlife

Videos and Photos

Birdcinema.com: Collected bird videos

Pigeon Intelligence: These birds are smarter than they look!

Crow Intelligence: Crows as intelligent tool-users

Parrot Intelligence: Dr Pepperberg with African Greys Alex, Griffin, and Einstein

Bird Smuggling: Bird smuggling contributing to the threat against struggling species

Lyre Bird Calls: Featuring David Attenborough

Non-Native Bird Colonies: Why releasing your pets can be bad

Arndt-Verlag: Bird movies by species

Birds in Science

Animal Personalities: Individual animals are shown to have individual personalities

Bird Extinction Rates: Human activity may be causing an increased rate of extinction in bird species

Girl Scientist: The writings of an ornithologist/evolutionary biologist

Birds and Science: A collection of some of the latest bird-related research