Crowned pigeons 

A lesson we don’t want to repeat…the loss of the Dodo bird

The Problem

Vulnerable to extinction, Crowned pigeons – the world’s largest pigeons – are today’s Dodos (who used to be the world's largest pigeons)!  Locals and birders say they no longer see or hear them.  

The same forces that drove the Dodo to extinction in a short 80 years are present in New Guinea: deforestation, roads through the forest allowing hunters new access for hunting, and the clearing of land in order to plant palm oil plantations.  Unfortunately, no accurate wild population records exist, but bird experts suspect the species is in trouble.  The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) have designated this as a species that requires conservation breeding.  

The Solution

At Pandemonium, we’re working to increase the world’s Crowned pigeon population, one baby bird at a time. Our breeding stock is the second largest under conservation in the world.  Each successful breeding brings the species one step -- one baby bird -- away from extinction.  Your generous contribution covers food, housing, and vet care-- all key ingredients to saving these beautiful birds.