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Baby Birds

One egg, one chick, one chance; help increase the yearly odds.

The Problem

It is estimated that at least 10% of all bird species will go extinct in this century.  Particularly hard hit are birds like Pandemonium's target species who are endemic to tropical islands.  Compounding the forces that are making survival difficult is the fact that most island birds only lay one egg at a time.  

The Solution

Pandemonium's breeding philosophy is that eggs should be hatched and offspring reared by their parents.  We do everything we can to make this possible. However, sometimes eggs or chicks are abandoned and in situations like this we intervene.  

At Pandemonium, every egg and chick receives the most advanced monitoring and care to ensure survival. “Pek” the baby Green-Naped Pheasant pigeon featured here is one of those survivors. After her parents abandoned their nest, their egg was placed in an incubator – giving Pek a chance at life. Unfortunately, for every Pek-success story, many eggs and babies do not survive because of our limited nursery equipment. Your generous contribution will help purchase additional incubators and desperately needed nursery equipment to help the smallest of our flocks. 


Your donation can help support:

A baby bird ($15)

Several baby birds ($30)

General support of baby birds (any amount)

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