Bird Care

Providing excellent bird care is a central focus here at Pandemonium Aviaries. We feed many different diets including fresh fruits and vegetables (cut to size to fit the bird), 14 types of pellet, 9 seed mixtures, sprouted seed (seasonally), egg (seasonally), 3 types of insects (we have our own mealworm culture that we've been using for 14 years), nuts, treats and spray millet.

It takes us four hours every morning, 7 days a week, to prepare and serve food to the birds. Cleaning up can be quite a task; we have 54 different sets of dishes to wash! Each aviary has different colored dishes in order to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases between birds.

Every aviary is thoroughly cleaned once a week. We do our best not to track in pathogens from the outside when we have to enter an aviary. We first dip our shoes in a freshly made chlorine bath, then we spray the bottoms of our soles with a disinfectant. There are alcohol dispensing stations at the entrance to every aviary so that our hands can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Food, water and cleanliness are just some of the basics that take our time and focus. Ensuring that our birds are emotionally healthy is extremely important as well. Some of the components of making sure that each bird has what she or he needs in order to be relaxed, comfortable and happy are as follows:

  • The right enclosure
  • The right companions
  • The right amount of stimulation
  • The right amount of privacy

At Pandemonium Aviaries we never say that we provide the best care possible for our birds. We strive to do this, but to claim that we do implies that we know what is best. We donʼt. We are always looking for ways to improve the care that we give our birds. We read, we experiment, we ask others and of course, we observe our birds so that they can tell us what they need.