What is the Sound of Silenced Birds?

-by Michele Raffin

The sound of birds being silenced forever is not a gentle, soothing murmur. It is a roar—a volcanic eruption, terrible in the destruction it promises. It is furious buzzing—insects too numerous to count, demolishing food crops. It is the crashing of forests—emptied by death without means of renewal. It is the wailing of artists—doomed to re-create without the inspiration of the real. It is the agonizing gasp of other species—doomed to oblivion as the chain of dependance collapses. It is the wrenching scream of culture—ripped apart so savagely it can never be repaired. It is the deep despair of scientists—devasted by the realization of what they will now never learn. It is the cacophony of a chaotic civilization—rendered rudderless by the amount of egregious waste. Silence can be deafening, especially when we listen for birds that no longer can be heard.