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Lady Ross turaco (Musophaga rossae)

Pandemonium has three kinds of turacos- a Lady Ross turaco (Amadeus),  Persa Persas (Abu and Adanne), and a Violet turaco (Kenya). Turacos are in the Musophagidae family which means banana-eaters.  Despite the name, our birds don’t eat bananas or plantains! Our turacos love to chow down on a mixture of papaya, apples and blueberries. We sprinkle a low iron softbill pellet on top which gives them additional vitamins and minerals.

Turacos are native to sub-Saharan Africa. They are arboreal birds that run quickly through the tree canopy in nature. At our aviary, they run from manzanita branch to manzanita branch.

Turacos are interesting for many reasons. They have an amazing call which is enthusiastic, loud and easy to identify. Our turacos are very social and love having conversations with us. Even if we don't understand everything that is being said, we all have a very good time.

Amadeus is black with striking red feathers under his wings. This scarlet color results from a true pigment that is not a carotenoid like other birds which have red feathers. To read more about color in birds, go to our article about color in the Good News section.

Keeping turacos in pairs can be challenging. Males can be aggressive towards their mates, especially when the male is ready to mate, but the female is not. This does not just happen in new pairs. In nature, an aggressive male is not as dangerous to the female because she can fly away. In captivity, however, this aggression can have lethal consequences. We keep a close watch on our turacos, providing hiding places such as PVC pipes that are large enough to house a bird that needs a place to hide.

Amadeus is a Lady Ross turaco who came to us as a foster. Because he only has one leg, Amadeus has specialized perches and surfaces. While we were warned that he might be shy, we quickly learned that he loves attention and blueberries!