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Violet turaco (Musophaga violacea)

Kenya, a Violet turaco, was originally very shy.  She came to us from Oregon where she had been abandoned in an outdoor cage without protection after a pet store closed.  Kenya now has lost enough fear of humans to approach the food bowl while we are filling it.  However, unlike Amadeus who enjoys being fed blueberries by hand, Kenya always stays an arms distance away.  We could see that she and Amadeus had bonded when he fed her a blueberry that we had handed him.  Blueberries are Amadeus' favorite food and perhaps in the bird world courtship involves offering presents. 

Sub-families of Turacos differ in their coloration.  They share the distinction of being the only birds the have true pigmentation in their feathers.  Turacoverdin gives the green turacos a true green color.  Turacos like Kenya, have a red pigment Turacin underneath their wings and on top of their heads.