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 Cape dove (Oena capensis)

Female Cape doves are small and gray. The males are also small, but they have a patch of black that covers part of the face and gives these birds the appearance of wearing a  black face mask. The male and female share responsibility for raising their young. Both parents take shifts on the nest while incubating. They also take turns feeding the babies once they are born. One of our males is an exceptional father. He takes on more than his share of nest incubating time and feeds his offspring long after they should be self-feeding.

The Cape doves at Pandemonium Aviaries were moved from aviary to aviary in the beginning. They didn't seem happy in any of these. Then we moved them to the Coop after it was remodeled. The Coop has an eastern exposure. It has an area which does not have a solid roof so the birds can get direct sunlight. In addition, it has a large shelter in back where the birds can hang out if it is cold. Cape doves come from Africa where they live in warm climates. Housing these birds where they get early morning light is important to their health and wellbeing.