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 Blue-Necked tanager (Tangara cyanicollis)

These fruit and nectar eaters are still common in the wild but they are captured and exported in such numbers that it is only a matter of time before their numbers fall.  Pandemonium has a breeding program in place to develop husbandry standards so that birds can be bred in the US instead of removing them from the wild. The Blue-Necked tanagers hang out with the Owl finches. We kept both species indoors this past winter. They were very happy to get outdoors where they have an aviary all to themselves.

Our Blue-Necked tanagers eat nectar which we make in house. We soak soft bill pellets in the nectar. In addition, we provide a variety of fresh fruit and an insect mix. We are happy to share the recipe for the nectar so please email us if you'd like to make nectar like this for your frugifore birds.