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Persa Persa turacos (Tauraco persa persa)

These stunning feathered friends look like Las Vegas show girls, complete with eye makeup and fancy headdresses. They even share the expensive tastes of their glamorous counterparts, eating mostly blueberries and papaya. Their exotic palates cost a pretty penny... so let us know if you are interested in sponsoring their diet!

Persa Persas, like other turacos, can be aggressive with each other. When we first introduced our Persa Persa pair, Abu and Adanne, we used a “Howdy cage” which is a cage that is placed inside an aviary. We put Abu, the male, inside so that he and his new potential mate could get to know one another. Abu was not at all happy about this. After enough time had passed for Adanne to get acquainted with her new home and for the couple to get to know each other, we opened the Howdy cage so that that Abu could fly out. Contrary to our expectations that he would exit immediately, Abu stayed inside the cage until Adanne flew to the top of it and told  him in no uncertain terms, “Come out!”