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Indian Ringneck parakeet (Psittacula krameri)

Indian Ringnecks love to chew wood.  Since our biggest aviaries are made of wood we were very hesitant to accept Indian Ringnecks when we were a rescue.  There was one bird, however, who desperately needed a large aviary home.  This bird is an albino Indian Ringneck named Piper.  Piper was so afraid of human contact that she would hit her head against the sides of her cage when she was fed or her cage was cleaned.  We finally decided to take in Piper as well as another female Indian Ringneck.

Piper patrols the front yard and gives us prompt notice if someone she doesn't recognize is around. So far she has not chewed the sides of the aviary but she has destroyed several wooden nest boxes.  We are glad that Piper is part of the Pandemonium family.  She will live out the rest of her life here in comfort and safety.