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Scarlet Chested Grass parakeet (Neophema splendida)

Also known as the Splendid Parakeet, this beautiful bird is nearing extinction in its native Australia. The male Scarlet Chested Grass parakeet is an extremely beautiful bird with a green head, blue back, bright red chest and yellow underbelly. The blue-green female pales in comparison. It is quite difficult to determine the sex of a young bird, because males only begin to grow their characteristic red chest feathers after about three months. These parakeets grow to about seven inches and get along well with other small birds. They are quite active fliers, but their calls are subdued and melodious chirps.

Females are the main egg sitters, but males provide the female and babies plenty of food. These birds prefer seeds, but also peck at leafy greens and grains such as corn. Similar to the Rosy Bourke, Scarlet Chested Grass parakeets have a clutch of four to six eggs that incubate for about twenty days, with young gaining independence around seven weeks of age. Several color mutations have emerged, including birds with pastel and cinnamon colorings as well as pied, silver, sea green, and white-breasted blue birds.