Our Facility

Our facility was designed to be not only visually, but also spiritually pleasing. It grew organically. When we noticed that people wanted to stop at a particular spot to appreciate birds or a view, we placed a bench or a chair so that they could do so with ease. When it came time to protect wood with paint, we chose colors that reflected those of the birds: our buildings and fences are painted sunflower yellow, electric green and shocking pink. And because we believe in using found and discarded objects whenever possible, the bird baths and sculptures that dot the gardens and walkways are made out of mosaics- a great way to glue broken parts back together. 

The gardens are planted with bird friendly plants so that visiting birds and butterflies have a place to eat, rest and raise families. Unfortunately, neither the grounds or the aviaries are easy or efficient to maintain. Just feeding the birds every day takes many hours. On cold and wet days, going from aviary to aviary to care for the birds has it's drawbacks. However, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, the winding paths and hidden alcoves make it easy to get physically lost and spiritually connected. We have living art in the form of colorful birds, music in the form of cooing birds, and a sense of the divine in the simple, every day existence of living close to birds.