Board of Directors

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Dr. Lynn Bahr

Dr. Lynn Bahr is a veterinarian and founder of Dezi and Ru-An Animal Toy Company.

Dr. Uta Francke

Dr. Uta Francke is a Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Pediatrics at Stanford University.

Dr. Diana Hawkins Manuelian

Dr. Hawkins Manuelian is a consultant and entrepreneur in the area of education and gaming.

Michele Raffin

Michele Raffin is CEO of Pandemonium Aviaries. She graduated from Stanford Business School and has both for-profit an non-profit experience.

Dr. Dan Reddy

Dr. Reddy has vast experience as founder and executive at successful for-profit companies.

Fran Scher

Fran Scher is the past President of the Chemical Corporation of America and is a college-level educator.

Dr. Alex Shubat

Dr. Alex Shubat has more than 25 years of experience in design, management and executive roles at tech companies.

Edward and Pamela Taft

Edward and Pamela Taft are active philanthropists, as well as lovers of New Guinea art.