Bird Talk

Our experience at Pandemonium Aviaries is that birds are great communicators.  Therefore, it was with both recognition and appreciation that we found out about Sandra Vehrencamp’s experiments substantiating this. 

According to ScienceDaily, Sandra (a behavioral ecologist at Cornell University) goes to various locations to record bird songs and then “plays them back to other birds of the same species to try to determine exactly how birds communicate through their vocalizations.”  By doing so she’s not only learns how birds communicate about mating, but also about what they tell each other about their territories, health, and even their age.   

Sandra’s work, like ours, is aimed at species conservation.  She states that “if we can understand the ecological factors that enhance reproductive success and can link them to conservation, then we might be able to save a species."  Turns out those perfectly in tune melodies can do a lot more than bring a smile to our faces and although we may not speak their language, we can sure learn a lot from them.

To read about Sandra’s work go to: