A Ghost Among Birds

Happy Halloween from Pandemonium Aviaries! In light of the day’s celebration, we would like to share an image of the ghost currently haunting our aviaries:

So, who is this ghost, and what does he have to do with birds?

Underneath of the sheet is our amazing photographer, Michael Kern. The sheet itself is not a costume, but an important tool in capturing images of our birds. It’s an easy guess that wild birds do not react well to people entering their living environments with large pieces of high tech equipment, and the camouflage hides Michael from the bird’s sight, making him a ghost among birds. Not only does it allow him to take incredible photographs of animals behaving naturally, but it also helps to keep them calm and reduces the stress they feel when humans are around.

As a conservation photographer, Michael has been featured in major publications and museums across the globe, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the British Museum of Natural History. We’re honored to have him working in the facility and will be featuring his work over the next few months.

Michael’s photography is helping to illustrate our conservation message in an new and artistic way, and we hope that you enjoy his photos as much as we do!