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Green-Naped pheasant pigeons

Keeping the sounds of the rainforest alive...forever!

The Problem

No longer seen nor heard near villages and considered locally extinct in numerous forests, the Green-Naped Pheasant pigeon, has fallen victim to deforestation and industrialization. Roads built by oil and mineral companies have driven the remaining birds deeper into forests.  This reclusive, solitary ground-dwelling pigeon may very well go extinct before it's recognized as endangered. No accurate wild-population records exist.  Simply put, no one is counting.

The Solution

Pandemonium has the largest number of Green-Naped Pheasant pigeons under conservation in the world. As our flocks grow through conservation breeding and acquisition we hope to prevent the disappearance of this unique species. Join us in “Saving a Species!” Your generous contribution covers food, housing, and vet care – all key ingredients to saving these special birds.