Songbirds Learn Their Songs During Sleep 

ScienceDaily (June 20, 2010) - When zebra finches learn their songs from their father early in life, their brain is active during sleep. These findings are a further demonstration that birdsong learning is very similar to the way that children learn how to speak."  - Read Article

“Bird Brains”

PBS - The level of intelligence among birds may vary. But no living bird is truly stupid. Each generation of birds that leaves the protection of its parents to become independent has the inborn genetic information that will help it to survive in the outside world and the skills that it has learned from its parents.

They would never have met the challenge of evolution without some degree of native cunning. It’s just that some have much more than others. - Read Article

“Opposites may attract, but they don’t make better parents”

PhysOrg (January 27, 2011) - A study by experts at the University of Exeter has revealed that couples with similar personalities make much better parents than those with different dispositions -- at least in the world of zebra finches.  - Read Article

“Rainy Days Stress Out Birds”

AAAS Science Magazine (April 6, 2010) - If there's one thing a rainforest bird shouldn’t mind, it's rain. But a new study finds that torrential downpours stress out the White-Ruffed Manakin—and that may be why it and other tropical birds migrate up and down slopes.  - Read Article