What kind of birds do you have?

We have 34 species of birds and feed many different foods. We are always seeking partners to donate or subsidize the cost of food. 

Does Pandemonium accept donated birds?

We no longer accept donated birds.  Every new bird requires medical testing, quarantine, attention, and housing specifically suited to that individual.  At this time, we do not have the resources that would enable us to take in any birds with the exception of our target species.

Should I get a bird?

  • Adopting a bird is like bringing a 2 year old who never grows up into your family.  Birds require a lot more attention than your typical dog or cat. 
  • The cost of acquisition is a small part of the cost of having an avian family member. 
  • A parrot's sharp beak in addition to allowing it to crack hard objects like nuts can also inflict a painful bite.  Biting as a way of communication is a natural behavior in the wild. 
  • Birds are choosy about their relationships and in spite of your providing care, the bird may decide he/she likes someone other than you. 

If I want to get a bird, what should I do?

  • Adopt from a rescue or buy from a breeder.
  • Quarantine new birds for at least a month.
  • Find out as much as you can about avian husbandry including how to feed and house the species properly.
  • Be prepared to pay for expensive vet care.  Oftentimes the first sign of illness is subtle, so be vigilant about any change in behavior, body posture, or appetite.  
  • Good news, bad news. Birds can live a long time.  They may even outlive you.  It is appropriate to ensure continued good care for your bird in your will.  

What will having birds do for me?

  • Birds retain the wild in them.  Whereas domestic animals will return love if you care properly for them, birds are more selective.  Earning a birds friendship is an honor and extremely rewarding. 
  • Birds are fascinating!  They are smart, emotional, have distinct personalities, and at times can be difficult.  This makes them demanding and interesting companions.  

Are any of Pandemonium Aviaries' birds available for adoption?

We do not offer Pandemonium's birds for adoption because they are not suited to be companion animals. Given that we do not get the adoption fees that fund most rescues, we depend upon donations including those that sponsor a species or specific bird.

Is Pandemonium open to the public?

No.  We are no longer open to the public.  We've made the difficult decision to not allow visitors because they disturb the birds.  If you want to see some of our birds you can view our webcam.