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Sulawesi Ground dove (Gallicolumba tristigmata)

Some of the first residents of Pandemonium, these terrestrial doves used to be called Celebes. Their native Indonesian island changed its name to Sulawesi, so the bird’s name changed as well. Our shy birds overcame their fear of humans enough to creep forward when offered meal worms. These irresistible delicacies are the perfect conduit for vitamins, so we “dust” the worms in vitamins before feeding them to the birds.

At one time, Sulawesi doves were very common in US aviculture. This is no longer true. Very few breeders breed them and breeding stock is at an all time low. Our birds are quite old and no longer productive. We love watching them go in and out of the bushes in their aviaries and come running when they hear the whistle that signifies meal worms are coming.